YOU’RE not what’s important!  WE are.  I finally exploded my opinion, grammar mistakes and all, maybe 2 months ago, and I still stand by every damn word….and cuss word.

​Well… I certainly got fired up first thing this morning.  

***gets typing hands ready***

Ya know?  I wanted to mention this anyway today…. Last night, Steve and i watched “Act of Valor.”  Honestly, i hadnt even heard of this movie before.  It caught my attention, I bought it, we watched it, and steve and i were speechless.  I cried.  I also puffed my chest out with pride, admiration, and security.

Sure, the “acting” is a little rough in places but hey, these “actors” were actually Active Duty Navy SEALs and this was their “tribute to the skills, courage and tenacity of the world’s most revered warriors.”  

Maybe my perspectives are a bit too spread out for some of you when it comes to combat, but I’ll be damned if I’ll ever lose sight of the men and women in our military.

I dont want war or “conflict” to continue or to erupt.  I dont thrive on the “Kill! Kill! Kill!”  But, you better believe that i know better than to think war and conflict, wont happen on American soil, or with our allies, and that our military doesn’t need to be sent to intervene.  

Yes, we all know that not everyone comes back.  Even when they do, they’ll never be the same.

That hurts.  

The men and women born with the skills and hunger to rescue, capture, defend, attack, suffer, and willing to sign a contract to be always faithful, (Semper Fi) are clearly aware of the target on their back. 

But guess what?  They arent the only one’s with a target on their back!  Our entire country, and then some, is a target.  Insane extremist geniuses are working their asses off to hit it, too.  And to hit it big.

Go ahead and protest, bitch and moan, write a long ass facebook post, whatever.  Fine.  I actually tend to support the free will of laying your own points of view out there because I’m more than willing to learn something and consider MOST everyone’s take on the matters, and debate while STILL willing to try and see your points.  That makes me, and others like me, easier to get along with, and that’s how conflicts come to negotiations and then to a meeting of the minds.

But dont you dare shit out your own extremist views and try and hit me with your narrowminded, finite bullshit while there are leaders who are willing to TRY and see valid points, in the hopes of finding methods that work.  

Not methods that make every single American happy!  Sorry….you’re not that important.  WE are.

Jeezus, im sweating.

Anyway, Vietnam was horseshit, yes.  But, i want you to think about this…..

Americans were sent into their territory, and followed orders, however barbaric they were (or became) and guess what also developed during all of this.  Snipers.  “Charlie” and major bloodshed in retaliation, resistance, and a different belief system.  They were killing us off and ambushing with precision.  They were defending their homeland!  Just like we would!  No, i take that back.  Just like we SHOULD.  

Not every Vietnamese was a sniper.  Not every American is a sniper.  

But you can bet your free American ass that any sniper, ours or theirs, followed a powerful instinct to take back and protect what’s theirs and without that instinct, we, as a nation, would emplode.

And sometimes, instincts or not, we just need to leave everything and get the fuck back home.


Not everyone can lead a nation.  Thank God, right?  But, extremists aside, we CAN just shut the hell up and talk!  And what i mean by that is, if you dont have any points in regards to conflict resolution, but all you want to do is bitch until someone else makes something happen YOUR way at all costs, just shut up, you fucking brat.  You’re no better than our extremist adversaries….and they’re probably a better shot.

In the meantime, I’ll be over here proud of our men and women who do a hell of a sight more than just bitch and stomp their feet while absorbing the positives that the combat of others still provide.

Be fucking thankful, asshole!  And be faithful!  And shut the hell up!  And talk!….that is, again, unless you have nothing to contribute towards what will work, which should not be replaced or confused with what YOU WANT.  You’re not that damn special.

(calm down.  Im sure I’ll edit the shit out of this once I drink a Redbull.  Edit, as in, re-word to drive my points home.  Not, edit, as in, take back anything Ive said.  It’s a free country.  I can do that.)

And, thank you.  But not you, you little brat.

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