Almost hit by a car made me pissed about more things

I had to park, like, 800000 miles away in the Kroger parking lot.  That’s enough to piss me off anyway.  Plus, it’s 100 damn degrees.  This is already starting out kinda shitty, you’ll notice.

Im dragging ass and getting closer and closer to my air conditioned destination, and SKREEEEEEEECH!

That bastard nearly hit me!  I wasnt even in his way!  How the hell???

Well, Mr. Important figured he could speed around a vehicle that was patiently waiting for another vehicle to leave so they could have the parking spot next.  Mr. Impatient didnt see me beside the waiting car.

Then. THEN!  The fucker yells at me to move!  So, i yawned, did a nice stretch, and shook my head, “nope.”

HE, needs to follow rules and etiquette, AND NOT EXPECT EVERYONE ELSE TO WATCH OUT FOR HIM! 

Then, it reminded me of when i was a youngen, and had to ride the bus to school.  

Bottom line, if your ass wasnt at your bus stop, you missed the damn bus.  The bus wasnt waiting for you to show up.  Oh hell no.

Not anymore.  Ive seen school buses sit at bus stops, toot the horn, wait a lil longer, “toot toot” again, then leave very slowly.  Wtf?

Generation, “I’ll survive because everyone else looks out for me.”


I’ve got enough shit to do.  

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