Wedgies, swirlies, and black eyes, are just the half of it!

It seems you cant go an entire day without hearing the word, “bully.”

Im not just irritated with its overuse, for that’s a subject for another blog….

I’m mostly pissed that the focus of bullying is only on the victims.

If you want to “stomp out bullying” and be a true supporter and advocate of stopping the abuse, how about taking a moment to consider what might be feeding a person (bully) with so much anger that they’re lashing out on what they perceive as the perfect target?

Dont you think something serious is going on if someone is tormenting another human being?

While the victims of true bullying are being supported and kept afloat with counseling after they’ve been destroyed with abuse, what’s going on with the bullies in the mean time?  What is tormenting THEM?  It’s something!

Are they emulating abuse they’re witnessing somewhere else?  Is someone abusing them?  Do they need neurological attention?  What has them so angry, and so full of rage?

Call me crazy, but I think they need rescue, too.

You cant “stomp” out bullying (or anything else, for that matter) by addressing parts of the issue.

I want to help the other half.