Hail to the…oh, wait…nevermind.

I reckon the Washington Redskins are going to need a new fight song to go along with their new name, now  This pisses me off.

I’m an 80’s kid, and Joe Theismann (originally pronounced, Thees-man, before changing it to, Thighs-man, just so it would rhyme with, Heisman…as in, the Heisman Trophey…which he didn’t win) was my idol.  I had his jersey and everything.  And, oh my God when Lawrence Taylor broke his leg….  my tiny little 4 year old heart broke into tiny little pieces.  My hero was done, forever.  I still wore his jersey, though.

I clearly remember hearing “Hail To The Redskins” playing during the football games.  Hell, I remember hearing it on the radio.  I sang along like a real badass, too.  I still sing along to it, and sometimes I’ll even do a little solo act when the spirit moves me.

So, what happens now?  I guess with this new name change, I’ll never hear it again.  Glad that’s been ripped away.  *sarcasm*

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